Estate Tax Services


Our CPA firm specializes in working with executors and their attorneys as part of the estate settlement process. We provide ongoing estate tax planning. Preparation and submission of required Federal and State tax forms is critical to proper estate tax services. Our tax assistance provides estate executor assistance in preparing:

  • Federal Form 706 and IL Form 700 (Estate Transfer Tax Returns)
  • Federal Form 1041 and applicable State Tax Returns (Estate, Trust, or Family Trust)
  • Deceased’s Final Income Tax Return

Our Service Process

We support “The Executive Executor”

  • Determine if an estate tax filing is required
    Executor Duties: Define and explain your responsibilities
  • Determine what documents are needed and where to find them
  • Explain how we will help and guide you in recognizing and finding assets and debts
  • Investigate, locate and review all estate assets before preparing any estate tax returns
  • Prepare the required Tax Returns
  • Ongoing Estate tax planning

Closing Letter

Until the estate is accepted by the IRS via a closing letter, the estate continues to earn income. This income must be reported annually. Our CPA firm will prepare all required tax returns. If the IRS makes any tax return related inquiries, we will respond immediately.

Professional Relationships
(Your Professional Team)

  • We often work with your attorney and financial planners as tax advisors in properly implementing and maintaining estate tax requirements. Our CPA firm strategically provides the greatest financial benefits and avoids duplication of high level expertise.
  • Need to identify an appropriate professional team? Depending on your specific needs, we can introduce you to the people you need through our associates.
  • The team approach to estate planning maintains cost efficiency by eliminating duplicate efforts and maintaining the highest level of expertise in all areas.